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How much will a DUI cost?  :: DUI and Bail

Bail may be one of the first expenses you may have to make after getting a DUI.  Find out how a lawyer can help you at this stage.


When an officer suspects you of a DUI, the officer has a choice to arrest and release you or arrest you and put you in jail.  If you (or more likely a friend or family member) is arrested and you are reading this, remember that you have a right to have an attorney present at both the commissioner hearing where bail is initially set and at your bail review hearing in front of a judge (if necessary). 

One survey conducted on the cost of DUI found that the average person had to spend $150 to bail out of jail.  This is why it can be very important to have an attorney present who can make the best case, based off the factors, to eliminate a money bail or advocate for a reduced amount.

If the commissioner sets a bail that you cannot afford or do not want to pay, that decision will be reviewed by a judge at the next session of court.  Judges may increase the bail, decrease the bail, or keep it the same.

Having a skilled DUI defense attorney handle the commissioner hearing is an under-appreciated benefit you should NOT pass up.  An attorney can compile necessary proof of favorable facts and can argue the conditions of release.  Talk to a DUI defense attorney today.

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