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A DUI/DWI Charge and the Insurance Impact

Most car insurance companies, if not all, will attempt to raise your rates (or may move to cancel your policy) if you get convicted of a DUI.  Each insurance company is different, but Nolo survey responses averaged $800 per year in increase car insurance premiums.  That isn’t usually just a one-time jump either.  Most car insurance companies use a 3 year period of time as a basis for your car insurance (sometimes referred to as a "look back" period).  Some go as high as 5 years.  If your car insurance company locks you into an increase, it may be for 3 years or 5 years. 

To do the math:  $800 x 3 years is $2,400.  $800 x 5 years is $4,000.

How a lawyer can help:  The biggest way a lawyer can help is to attempt to get the case dismissed, the charge reduced, or win at trial.  There are a number of good defenses to a DUI charge, and you should not just accept pleading and trying to get a Probation Before Judgment. 

I have always felt a good attorney makes plans in case something goes wrong and the case is lost.  “What now?” is the question that needs to be answered.  I have sought out answers to this question by reaching out to professionals in the insurance industry.  This network, I feel, is invaluable for dealing with the end result, whether it is a plea to a lesser charge or a conviction on the highest count.

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