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DUI and the Ignition Interlock Device

What Is the Cost to Install and Maintain the Ignition Interlock Device?


First, you need to check and see who the approved providers are in Maryland.  You do not want to waste money on a service that will not be recognized by the courts or administration. 

The cost can vary for ignition interlock devices. There are about 6 different providers approved by the MVA.  As you might imagine, there are 6 different prices or pricing structures.  Most of the providers have some combination of set-up fee, maintenance fee, and monthly fee.  Some providers keep set-up fees low, but these providers also tend to be the ones with higher monthly fees.  Simply put, it is a matter of when and how often you will have to pay the provider for the interlock device.  That being said, the price per month is usually over $100.  You can easily expect to pay, over the course of 12 months, $1,200 to be enrolled and participate in the Ignition Interlock Program.

Successfully completing the Ignition Interlock Program without incident is a good idea for your privilege to drive and to a judge.  It is also better for your wallet.  Providers may charge fees or fines for “Violation Appointment Fee,” “Case Management Missed Appointment Fee,” or a “Monthly Missed Appointment Fee.”

Participants are required to report to their selected service provider every 30 days to have the device calibrated and the data logger information downloaded.  The data logger keeps a record of every transaction, by date, time, and alcohol level, any efforts to disable or circumvent the unit and random retest compliance.

The ignition interlock devices are installed directly to the battery, directly into your vehicle.  The device will make a short beep or series of beeps when you turn your key into the “on” position.  You have to blow into the device to start your engine.  As you are driving along, every now and again, it’s going to start beeping at you. It wants you to wait until you get to a stop sign or a stop light, and then blow into it again to show that you are not driving while under the influence; and in reality you didn’t have someone else blowing into the device to get the vehicle to start and then you drove away.


Ignition Interlock Devices Cannot Be Installed on Motorcycles

Unfortunately, one problem that comes up with ignition interlock devices is that there is not yet one available for motorcycles.

If you need assistance navigating a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxiated charge in Maryland, your next call should be the Law Office of Andrew Hoverman, LLC.  Call 202-540-0525 today, or set up a consultation through this website here.

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