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DUI Cost:: Attorney's Fees

The average spent on an attorney, according to a survey conducted by Nolo, in fees and expenses was $1,900.  That average did include responses from people who used public defenders.  Also, bear in mind that each DUI case is unique.  Those numbers may have included people who had accidents, some who just paid for an attorney in court and not the administrative hearing for their license.

For DUI cases, I like to charge a flat fee.  I also allow people to work on paying through a payment plan.  I strive to give my clients the time and attention their case deserves.  I encourage you to talk with a skilled DUI defense attorney right away. 

What do these numbers even mean?

DUI/DWI cases have a lot of moving parts.  There are many points in a case where a lawyer can guide you based off of your needs regarding employment or your finances.  One of the biggest ways a lawyer in Maryland can assist you with savings is avoiding a conviction, and obtaining a Probation Before Judgement (PBJ).  PBJs are within the judges discretion to give to a person faced with a criminal or traffic case.  In DUI/DWI cases, it is critical to have an attorney who understands what judges are looking for and how to improve your odds of a judge granting you a PBJ.

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