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A DUI Conviction: Is It Possible to Avoid Jail Time?

Perhaps the most common question of anyone facing a DUI, DWI, or a serious traffic case (like driving on a suspended license, or driving without a license) has is “am I going to jail?”  The answer truly is “it depends.”  

It depends on who the judge is, who the prosecutor is, it depends on whether you caused an accident or not, whether it was your first offense or second or third or more (it also depends on how long ago a prior offense was if you are in the multiple category), and a variety of other factors. 

When you have an allegation of DUI and lose at trial or take a plea bargain, your conduct is under the microscope from the moment you were pulled over to your court date.  If you are put on a period of probation – whether supervised or unsupervised – you are still under the microscope. 

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