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Maryland Equipment Violations

Title 22 of the Maryland Transportation Code is devoted to entirely to “Equipment of Vehicles.”  Under this section of the code, there is a great deal of information on everything from lamps and lighting equipment to brakes to a general section on other equipment.

Under the “other equipment” section you can find information on horns and warning devices, mirror, tires, spare tires, seatbelts, and much more.  There are even regulations on the color of school vehicles and bells on ice cream sales vehicles.

There are way too many regulations to go over in this space, but knowing the motor vehicle laws are important. 


About 22.5% of all traffic stops in Maryland begin with an “equipment violation” observed by an officer.  If you are concerned about whether your vehicle is legal, you should consult with a Maryland attorney before you spend money on a repair and run the risk of getting pulled over.  If you have been cited for an equipment violation, you should consult with a Maryland attorney before paying any fines and going to court.

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