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Maryland Theft Lawyer

Theft, even at the misdemeanor level, is an incredibly serious charge.  It is critically important to understand the magnitude a theft conviction will have on your life. 

Maryland’s General Theft Provisions are found in Criminal Article §7-104.  There are many acts covered under this “umbrella.”  They include (but are not limited to):

Unauthorized control over property

Possessing stolen personal property

Control over property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake

Failure to pay for motor fuel after dispensing

If a person is convicted under this section of the Theft article, a court will notify the person that their driver’s license may be suspended under Transportation Article §16-206.1 and notify the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) of the violation.

The penalties for theft are determined by the amount of goods or services stolen.  For more information on theft amounts and the corresponding penalties, click here.

If you find yourself facing an allegation of theft in Maryland, contact a Maryland criminal defense lawyer to go over the facts of your case and explore any possible defenses you may have before going to court.

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