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Client Testimonials

Found a good one

5.0 stars

Posted by Nigel (to
May 15, 2015



Andrew Hoverman, on top of being a great fairly priced lawyer. Mr Hoverman is just a nice guy. He not only took my case with short notice, he still went above and beyond to make sure i was fully imformed and prepared for my case. As a result i had the best possible outcome. I recommend if u are in need of legal services that you definitely hire Andrew.

Thanks Andy!

Awesome experience working with Mr. Hoverman.

5.0 stars

Posted by a client (to
January 22, 2015


I recently had a legal issue in Baltimore County. Mr. Hoverman was very professional and straight forward with his advice. He explained the process and the possible outcomes. and suggested to me the best choice for myself. I highly recommend Mr. Hoverman for his knowledge of the law and on his advice for the best possible outcome for me.

What other  Attorneys say

Andrew is a hard working and determined attorney. He is accessible to his clients and provides detailed updates and assurances without being prompted. He takes the time to research issues, get the right answers, and ensure the best result. He is professional in court and meticulous about his schedule. I highly recommend him as a lawyer.

Nathan Kennedy, Lawyer PA/MD

Experienced, client-focused, and professional are the first words that come to mind when I think of Andy. I have the upmost respect for him, and know beyond a doubt that anyone who retains his services will be in excellent hands.

Windy Ortega, Lawyer MD

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