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Upper Marlboro District Court - Prince George's County, MD

The Upper Marlboro District Court is where all Misdemeanor and certain Civil Offenses are overseen that 1) occur within the limits of Prince George’s County; and 2) can involve Prince George’s County Police Officers and State Troopers.

The Upper Marlboro District Court is comprised of different courtrooms that are regularly scheduled, which focus on overseeing criminal, traffic, and civil offenses.

The most common type of cases that go through the Upper Marlboro District Court are:

Driving Without a License

Driving While Suspended



Reckless Driving

Minor in Possession of Alcohol



Malicious Destruction of Property

The Upper Marlboro District Court is located at 14735 Main Street, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, with the closest cross streets being Farragut Street and 43rd Avenue. 

For general information, call 301-298-4000.

The Upper Marlboro District Court is not directly accessible by Metro.  The closest stop is Metro’s Green Line at the Branch Avenue Station.  From there you will have to take TheBus, and transfer.  To help you plan your trip by Metro/WMATA, click here.

The Upper Marlboro District Court is also accessible by The Bus Routes 20 and 21.

Public Parking is available.

No food or drink are permitted in this building.  You will have to go through security, so plan additional time to wait in line to get into the building.

If you, or someone you know, is charged with a DUI offense in Upper Marlboro District Court, you want a Maryland DUI Attorney representing your interests.  Contact the Law Office of Andrew Hoverman, LLC today at 202-540-0525 for an In Depth Consultation.

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